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    Welcome to the world of Real Food! Warning to Gluten Lovers: “You may not enjoy the recipes”. As for everyone who wants to discover the real power of food without Gluten and Dairy feel free to explore the recipe list. Stay tuned for a fresh and steady stream of yummy Gluten free food recipes.


  • Meet Linzi

    Linzi Thomas is a hardcore foodie who is simply in love with healthy eating and exploring new ways to make it more fun than the conventional food. She loves to experiment with different local and international food to craft new recipes and share them with the world. There is only one catch, all her food is Gluten and Dairy Free.



    How to Grow and When to Harvest Garlic?

    Fresh garlic scapes added to your meal makes it more delectable. In addition to flavour, you can enjoy dinner and get healthier. Garlic’s medicinal properties help to treat high blood pressure, common cold, and high cholesterol. Garlic’s history of healthy eating dates back to thousands of years. It is even cited in the Bible [11:15] and in Midsummer Night’s Dream [by Shakespeare]. The odour is so strong that you will need to chew some fresh parsley after eating garlic.

    garlic on the farm

    Garlic types

    Garlic belongs to Allium Sativum species. It is related to onions, chives, leeks, and shallots. The two main varieties of garlic are hardneck and softneck. Some unusual varieties available at the grocery stores are Transylvanian, Nootka Rose, Georgian Fire, and Persian Star garlic.

    How to grow garlic?

    Garlic can be grown in pots or indoors or anywhere. Growing garlic is easy. Each clove planted will grow in bulb of garlic. Gourmets enjoy growing different kinds of garlic the whole year to enjoy different flavours and spice levels.

    When and how to harvest garlic?

    Garlic bulbs develop under the soil, so it is hard to know when the genuine time for harvesting is.

    You will see little doodles, which will turn into flowers if permitted to grow. As you wish the garlic bulb to hold its energy and not spend it in growing flowers cut the scapes. They can used like chives in giving scrambled eggs gentle garlic flavour.

    Keep eyes on leaves because after cutting the scapes, you will find bottom leaves turning brown in 2 to 3 weeks. Stop watering and in the next week garlic is ready for harvest. Garlic roots are strong and penetrated deeply in soil, so use fork or shovel to reach down and lift bulbs gently.

    Large clumps of soil have to be shaken off. In a shaded space allow the bulbs to sit on a drying rack, which sits few inches above ground allowing air to circulate. You can cut half of the stem but leave roots and outer wrapper intact. After curing trim roots and stems using pruners, before storing.

    Buy A Stainless Steel Cake Server For Better Serving Of The Cake

    Birthdays are the perfect occasion for the celebration and in a celebration cake cannot be avoided. It gives another joy when it comes to cut the cake whether it is cut by a kid or young or someone old. But serving the cake becomes difficult because of the top layer of cream. To make the process easy, you must buy the Magisso cake server of stainless steel which will prevent your hands from getting clammy due to the cream and other materials of the cake. You can serve the cake better in this way.

    cake server

    Measurement for the cake cutter

    This is the tool mostly comes in combination with a knife so that you don’t have to buy a knife. The cake server is made up of triangular base and a bent handle to let you serve easily. This is also made of different materials such as plastic or wood (rarely). You can buy any of them online easily. This kitchen tool can also be used for the same purpose in case of pies. You can easily cut the pie and serve the piece on the plates with it.

    Why stainless steel?

    You can buy a wooden one or plastic one but they both will not work as long as the stainless steel one does. The stainless steel server will last for a very long time period. Also, the stainless steel one will remain free the rust for years. It comes with different measurements. You can easily choose the one that you feel will be good for serving cake.

    Make Your Event Lavish By Catering Delicious Foods

    If you are looking for an upcoming wedding function, you want to make all your efforts for that day. You take care of many things and make all the necessary arrangements that can make your special day an unforgettable one for you and your guests. Decoration, entertainment, clothing and photography are the arrangements that can make or break your party. There is one more thing that is considered as fundamental need of any party this is catering. Catering is the arrangement that works as a complement to your special day. That is why you need to make arrangements of catering in the best manner.

    spanish tapas food

    How to choose the best catering service?

    When it comes to choosing the best wedding caterer, people get overwhelmed with the numerous options. But they cannot decide about which catering company they should hire so that he or she can provide them with the service according to their needs. Here are few things given below which you need to consider when you are hiring caterer for your wedding party.

    Cuisines: You just don’t have to hire a caterer who throws something together and calls that ethnic. You need to look at the cuisines of the caterer so that you can determine whether he/she is providing cuisines you want in your party or not.

    Professional and friendly staff:   Staff is another factor that plays an important role to determine which caterer you should hire. A professional and friendly staff can make a big difference in your party. Staff members who take care of your every guest’s needs and serve them foods or snacks represent a positive images of yours.


    Celebrate Success Of Your Child With Best Caterers

    Children’s party is incomplete without food and drinks, no matter whether it is in Portsmouth or anywhere else. Almost, all the kids are foodies and love varieties of dishes. Some of them are fond of vegetarian dishes while others like eating non-vegetarian dishes. So, with caterers you need not have to worry about anything as they have expert chefs who are specialized in making all types of cuisines. Not only this, they have specialty dishes as well which make them famous and popular. While on the other side, if you will serve quality food then guests will appreciate it and enjoy the party as well.

    party catering

    Impressive presentation of the food

    Caterers are well known for their presentation service. They decorate food so well that all the dishes look very delicious and yummy. So, in case of kid’s party you can have healthy food and dishes and can get it decorated well that no one will be able to identify it. Overall with professional caterers, you need not have to take tension as they will prepare food effectively and in a hygienic manner. They know how to make junk food such as burgers, pizzas, noodles etc. healthy and to serve these in a presentable manner. Due to all these things, children’s party catering in Portsmouth services has gained a wide popularity.

    Get a customized platter

    Most of the time people get confused as they have to choose few dishes from a variety of cuisines. In such situation, you can create your own customized platter in which you can have something from Chinese cuisine, some from Indian cuisine and some from Japanese cuisine and so on. Doing this, you will get a chance to eat food from different cultures and religions.

    Guest post by Baffins Farm Catering

    Order Your Food From Takeaways For Best And Valuable Eating Experience

    Food is the most important requirement of humans and none can survive without food. This is one aspect of our daily lives that we look forward to enjoy and do not treat it as uninteresting or monotonous. Travelling to abroad for work or regular settlement is always a tough task and you tend to miss your loved ones and family a lot. But the thing that you miss the most is the food that you used to enjoy back home and that becomes a luxury in foreign.

    Every Indian is extremely fond of their traditional food and if you are residing in Crouch End, you are not required to curb your desire for having tasty Indian food. There are few restaurants here that are quite popular and provide best Indian food in the region. Indian takeaway in Crouch End provide you with the facility of availing best Indian food at fair prices and offer quite good quality.

    Some of the best facilities that takeaways provide to their customers for better service

    Ordering facility via online or telephone – Whether you are working in the town or are studying as a student it gets quite difficult to take out the time and go to the place for ordering your stuff. Takeaways have now become quite advanced and they provide online order as well as a telephone ordering service through which you can order your food to any location. The delivery is quick and you are supposed to not pay a single penny for the delivery, it is absolutely free and without charge.

    Deals and offers – The takeaways exist to provide best food to their customers and they always make it a point to provide this service at quite frugal rates. To give their customers the value for their money they come out with new deals and offers from time to time and provide 20 to 30% discount on every order above a specific price. The one on one free scheme for various dishes is also made available and you get quite a suitable value for money.

    Takeaways exist to provide a home like food away from home and they make sure that every customer gets best satisfaction with their food. Indian food takeaways that operate in United Kingdom always make sure that they use best and regional spices to bring in a taste that is quite Indian and gives the best taste to the sense of people. Quite reliable takeaways are helping people significantly by not letting them feel the absence of their native food.

    You can all types of dishes like vegetarian, non vegetarian, south Indian etc. in these takeaways. So, search for a good takeaway and enjoy the food of your homeland.

    The Gluten-Free Diet

    The Gluten-Free Diet

    The Gluten-Free Diet

    Your diet makes you what you are and a gluten free life is healthier. Gluten is the term used for proteins found in wheat, barley and other grains especially those used in dairy products. These proteins are primarily the binding agent in the food prepared with these grains. Rice, Millet, and Quinoa are the most commonly used in replacement of Gluten food.


    Common Gluten Free Items

    We have compiled a list of most common gluten free foods and items readily available at the supermarkets to help you shop gluten free.


    • Rice,
    • Wild Rice,
    • Corn,
    • Soy,
    • Potato,
    • Tapioca,
    • Beans,
    • Sorghum,
    • Quinoa,
    • Millet,
    • Buckwheat,
    • Arrowroot,
    • Amaranth,
    • Teff
    • Indian Ricegrass
    • Uncontaminated Oats

    Other Gluten Free items

    • Milk
    • Non-fat Dry Milk
    • Fruit Juices
    • Vegetable Juices
    • Fruits
    • Vegetables
    • Butters
    • Eggs
    • Lentils
    • Peanuts
    • Seeds
    • Tree Nuts
    • Fish
    • Shellfish
    • Honey
    • Vinegar (excluding Malt vinegar)

    This is a handy list of most commonly available items for your next shopping trip. You can also check for different gluten free drinks readily available in all supermarkets. Processed food even with gluten free main ingredients often gets contaminated during processing when mixed with products containing gluten.


    Benefits of Gluten Free Diet

    Gluten has been diagnosed to be associated with different diseases including inflammatory diseases, autoimmune disorders, and Celiac diseases. Gluten free lifestyle is not only greener but also helps control these associated diseases, disorders, and allergies.

    • Gluten-free diet helps you keep several digestive disorders and other known diseases at bay.
    • Gluten free people feel more energetic and fresh. Wheat products are often reported to cause drowsiness on consumption.
    • Gluten free diet has been reported to help improve treatment of Autism patients.
    • Gluten free diet coupled with eating more fruits and vegetables lead to the reduction in weight and obesity.


    Where Gluten free diet is generally very healthy and greener a completely gluten free lifestyle can also lead to several complications that can lead to serious health issues. It is heavily advised that you should consult a professional dietitian before you adopt a gluten-free lifestyle.


    The risks are often due to different deficiencies that can naturally control with gluten and in such a case. A gluten free diet plan can also turn into a disaster if professional consultancy is not sought before committing.

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